Один из мировых лидеров
в разработке и производстве
ферритовых приборов

Участник крупнейших
мировых проектов
в космической сфере

Владелец 11 патентов
в области СВЧ-приборов

Уникальные решения
для защиты и коммутации
мощных СВЧ-сигналов
в АФАР системах

Собственное крупносерийное производство ферритовых приборов и защитных модулей СВЧ






Since 1994, the Argus-ET company has been manufacturing ferrite isolators, circulators, duplexers, microwave units and modules, devices for AESA applications.

Argus-ET is rightfully considered one of the world leaders in the development and production of ferrite devices. We own 12 patents in the field of microwave devices. We participate in the world’s largest space projects in Russia, USA (NASA), Europe (RUAG).

In 2011, Argus-ET became the winner of the competition for the best innovative project in the field of science and higher professional education in St. Petersburg.

Argus-ET has its own production lines, which is equipped with high-tech equipment and complies with the ISO 9000 standard.

Our company develops and manufactures various types of microwave devices available off-shelf and on-demand. Ferrite decoupling devices of all types are mass-produced by us.

Our core products:

  • ferrite devices of all types, frequency ranges from 150 MHz to 64 GHz;
  • passive VHF devices of various configurations;
  • active VHF devices with and without external control;
  • complex modules fully or partially based on our products.
  • EMI shielded personal computers

Argus-ET provides you with top level R&D and production support:

  • mock-up experimental production;
  • mounting and assembly production and customization of microelectronic components and products under the order according to the customer’s design documentation;
  • modernization of customer’s microwave device project and technical audit of the projects.


150 000

microwave devices per year

Research, Development and Production of ferrite microwave devices from 150 MHz to 64 GHz

25 000

microwave devices per year

Research, Development and Production of complex microwave devices
from 450 MHz to 20 GHz

Surface mount technology and multilayer PCB pilot production

Other production services